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Ancient Acropolis in Elafokartos

The occasion for its discovery was the search for the Angona cave on the Xirotiri hill in the autumn of 2003. We did not manage to find the cave but we were compensated by the views. Ioanna Karatza pointed out an unusually long wall on the Elafokartos hill. We visited the hill the next day. We found ourselves in front of an impressive ancient wall. It had polygonal masonry with blocks that in some areas had cyclopean dimensions. It was 3 m thick, well structured on the outer, northern side although not uniformly but less neatly on the inner side. It was evidently a wall of an acropolis whose southern borders had almost disappeared, apparently from reuse of the materials to build the corrals that existed on the slope. About the middle of the long side of the wall a rectangular stone block was placed transversely, and left below a narrow passage through the thickness of the walls which looked like a hidden passage.

The longest length was 78 meters, while it continued over the eastern slope of the hill for another 27 meters with traces of a tower, while on the western slope, due to the cliff, it had only two or three rows of stones. Roughly we estimate a total perimeter of the fortification of 350 m which defines an area of ​​about 5 acres.

In repeated searches we found no sherds or coins.

From this prominent position, the entire Krissaic gulf and the surrounding coastline were in view. It overlooks the plain of the olive grove whose topography we have described above and this fortification was its acropol.

See the mention by Rozina Kolonia in the "Archaeological Bulletin" volume 56- 59, page: 438, Athens 2011.

This fortification was listed as archaeological site in 2019.

Coordinates 38025΄04.44΄΄Ν     22021΄37.34΄΄ Ε  height. 228 m.

See the presentation:  "The Fortification of Elafokartos Hill" (pdf)