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Antiquities in the plain of Galaxidi

The valley that stretches between the coastal road and the road to Pendaoria - Vounihora, three kilometers northwest of Galaxidi, is called Paleogalaxido by many.  It is not of course the Palaiogalaxido mentioned in the "CHRONICLE of Galaxidi" the ruins of which are located further west on the road past Paleopanagia. On this valley there was an ancient settlement as evidenced by many ancient ruins. We were surprised to find that there was no mention of it in the publications dealing with the antiquities of the area.

At the central point of this olive grove there is a clearing without olive trees, where there is a water well . Immediately to the east towards the sea is a rectangular ancient tower with well chiselled rectangular stones. In the highest point three rows of stones remain while the interior is filled with the fallen rocks that hide the interior layout. Fallen building stones are found quite a distance away. Immediately to the south there is an ancient rampart wall and at the lowest level an ancient pear-shaped water tank with ceramic coating. All around there are heaps of fragments of ancient tiles.

The field where this tower is located has been fenced a few years ago by its owner from Vounichora. To the south of this tower and towards the sea, many ancient building stones of various sizes and ancient foundations can be recognized in the fields. As the fields are ploughed piles of ancient sherds and tiles surface.

At the western end of the clearing where the above-mentioned well is, we discovered a broken oil press, carved into a monolith with the millstone fragments nearby. There is also a round press carved into the rock. Below was found a fragment of the mouth of a large jar with an opening diameter of 70 cm which must have belonged to an oil separation vessel.

We invited archaeologist friends to visit the site. The Director of Delphi Rozina Kolonia came, she was accompanied by the curator Sotiris Raptopoulos and the antiquities guard of Galaxidi Pagona Kontoulis with her husband. Also professors Petros Themelis and Panos Valavanis with his archaeologist wife Efi Baziotopoulou and journalist Adonis Kyrou. Everyone showed great interest and surprise that the area had not attracted attention until today. It was decided that the area should be listed. As far as we know, no announcement has been made. Meanwhile the area is being build up.

Coordinates 38024΄34.46΄΄Ν   22021΄40.47΄΄ Ε  height. 108 m.

See the presentation:  "Ancient traces in the plain of Galaxidi" (pdf)