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Ancient fortification of Kastro hill

We were hiking with the journalist Adonis Kyrou on the dirt road that starts from the Monastery of Sotira, bypasses the peak of Agios Athanasios, continues down into the valley and after bypassing a sheep shade reaches Panagia of Pentaoria.

On the plateau before the sheep shade in the place called Sterna tou Lustrou, Adonis had spotted something with his binoculars. Indeed you could see towards the sea on a hill a long wall that did not look like a Sheppard’s fold. We marked the location on the map and looked for the best access.

The next day we attempted the ascent. Indeed it was a fortification that surrounds the top of the hill except for the side that is a steep cliff. It is a wide strong wall made of stones collected from the area. It looks sloppily made. No ceramics or coins were found inside and in the surrounding area.  Archaeologists that we invited to visit it with us hypothesized that this acropolis was probably built hastily and only for use for a limited time. Various interesting theories had been discussed.

Coordinates 38022΄33.28΄΄Ν     22021΄07.89΄΄Ε  height. 355 m.

See the presentation: "The fortification of Kastro hill, west of Galaxidi" (pdf)